HOM 21: Secret Mac Boot Commands

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Oh @Leo! How long are you going to keep stringing me on with your term/brew solution to save/backup/transfer Mac preferences? :scream:

First mentioned back in APRIL(!), I’d given up until you mentioned it again in Homebrew Bundle episode.

Is it this?

I really enjoyed the recent Font Book tricks and Homebrew Bundle. Nice stuff!


I’ve also been waiting to understand how Leo is syncing dot files around to Mac and linux machines using something like syncthing. I think he had to change things up after key base got bought by zoom.

But I’m still anxiously awaiting insight on this type of syncing, too.

I’ll show off Syncthing on the 9/11 Hands on Mac, But until then, I do put my dotfiles in a synced folder. The only drawback is that I have to set up Syncthing and wait a while for the folder to sync before I have access.

A secure git would probably be a better solution. It would also allow for different branches for different OSs. I just haven’t got around to it yet.

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I hope you’re gonna get to the Mac config backup you keep mentioning. (whether you remember it or not!) :wink:

Here’s a memory refresher:

Oh now I get it. Dotfiles!! I’ll do that soon.

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Uh, ok, Dotfiles…

What about this? Same kind of thing?

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Oooo. Never heard of this. Trying it now.

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