Higginbothom and Jarvis, LLC, is usually my fav show, but

IDK if anyone will read this. But todays “The Stacey & Jeff Show” was pretty awful. I wanted to just turn it off for the 1st time ever . Jeff was up on his hind legs, giving a pass to Zuckerberg on social responsibility. His absolute denial that the lies broadcast on FB influence ppl, shows that he is just SOOOOO out of the loop, and in the “higher education” bubble. Obviously he doesnt have kids in the 18-30 range. Many are young and green and easily swayed…and enough ppl swayed to throw an election to a racist facist in the WH, who is inciting violence, cause he is a typical male adolescent who likes violence.
IMHO, problem with Dem party, is too many college professors, who go to a gun fight with a notebook and a pencil, and think they are going to win the fight with their highly skilled debating powers. Unfortunately Jeff reminds me of this. Another college professor who doesnt know whats going on outside of academia.
Sry im being nasty here, but Jeff, really???
beth marshall

It’s ok to disagree with Jeff, @beth_marshall - I did - but let’s cool it on the ad hominem. Make your points but please don’t attack the person.


I agree. Things have been pretty scary in this country recently, to say the least. Im a boomer from a Jewish family, and what im seeing in the current administration just reminds me way too much of all that I heard about nazi germany. I dont think I have to tell you.

I love “The stacey and jeff show” I tell all my friends about how much I like it. Jeff just got under my skin. I think he was really wrong on something that is very important.
Honestly, I’ve been scared to death the the current WH administration will get re-elected, cause they fight dirty, and no one stands up to them. The statements from jim “mad dog” mattis tonight were the most heartening thing ive heard recently.

On a more positive note, Ive been listening to your shows every week since I found them, a few years ago. I love your sense of humor, and im amazed that we know all the same references. Especially you with Stacey “even my party shoes are sensible” higgenbotham, and jeff “get off my lawn” Jarvis. Its a great show.


beth “whadaya mean im excitable” marshall

What would be the alternative, though? More WWF hall of farmers, coal rollers? Politics done by 'em educated folk still is the best path to take, no?

I know some episodes can get me up the wall, too. However, I think it’s a great testament to how involved the shows and their hosts can make you. I particularly like the chemistry of Jeff, Stacey and Leo even though it sometimes makes me “talk back to the radio” when I disagree wholeheartedly.

I have not heard the episode yet, but it must be a good one. Looking forward! :slight_smile:

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I’ve heard it said that the best programming engages your emotions as well as your brain. It’s certainly what we try to do on every show. Glad we’ve got you firing on all cylinders @beth_marshall! Thanks for the very kind words. :blush:

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Hello @beth_marshall, Im having a hard time understanding exactly what your issue with Jeffs opinion was? mainly because I actually thought @JeffJarvis was making some great points about how alot of the news on facbook is a Friend sharing an article. I am a Kid in the 18-30 range… and I live in florida and have a lot of friends that I’m sure you would avidly disagree with. I think the point Jeff was trying to make was not that Facebook or Zuck couldn’t do more to help but rather that maybe a undeserved proportion of the blame falls on Facebook. Maybe instead of Focusing on Facebooks problems we could try and have more calm and respectful conversations with people to help educate them. I personally find Facebook to be a useful platform for having these conversations with some of my more conservative relatives and friends. I personally think we should focus more on what we can do and less on what other people should be doing.