Hey Microsoft, why are you updating software I didn't install?

I am installing my Patch Tuesday updates, and I see one for “Autopilot”. As far as I know I’ve never installed this, and I certainly am not in an enterprise scenario where I would ever use it. I don’t know why Microsoft thinks I need this… they should be removing it from my machine, if anything, as it’s unconfigured (rather than patching it.)
“2019-12 Windows Autopilot update for Windows 10 Version 1909 for x64-based systems (KB4532441)”

If they are updating it even though you have never used it or configured it, then it is part of the OS whether you want it or not. Similar to other services. Chances are it would be difficult to remove as it probably uses or provides shared libraries with other OS components.

Nope. PHolder caught a clever one. It’s not a mandatory update but it was triggered.

How to get this update

Windows Update

This update is available through Windows Update. When an organization registers or configures a device for Windows Autopilot deployment, the device setup automatically updates Windows Autopilot to the latest version.

Note Windows Autopilot update is not installed on Windows 10 Pro or a later version when the device is not registered or configured for Windows Autopilot deployment. Windows Autopilot update is never offered to Windows 10 Home.

Interesting. I wonder what it is seeing that makes it thinks it needs an AutoPilot update.

@PHolder Did you sign in with a Microsoft ID on that machine?

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Looks like a patch was issued in error back in October to all Win 10 Pro users, not just those who had Autopilot installed:

Now it seems like they might have done it again, if you check the section marked Update at the bottom of this page (although the page may change dynamically after I post this link):


More screwup than conspiracy, I think.

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Confirmation that it was a screwup and the Autopilot patch has been pulled (again!):