A change to the usual way MRT installs when the Windows Updates get installed?

I don’t know if Microsoft has committed to doing things differently, or if this month is an exception, but always in the past, on my Patch Tuesday updates, I would get an update/scan of the MRT (Malicious Software Removal Tool.) This time around, the update/reboot to Windows went without it, and then it came down afterward when I checked again for updates. This is a strange way to have done it, but perhaps Microsoft doesn’t want updates to appear to take so long, and the MRT usually doesn’t require a reboot, so they know they can do it when they do it…?
“Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool x64 - December 2019 (KB890830)”

Do you have auto updates turned off?

Update wise, my PC runs with the defaults. (Except that I don’t allow it to talk to other PCs on the Internet, just other PCs on my own network.) I should also note this occurred on two PCs so far.

Weird, maybe someone messed up at MS. Release date for latest MSRT is 10 December. Seems like it should have been included w/ the Patch Tuesday update. But maybe they are separating it out and updating it separately from the system, which would follow their recent changes in isolating the core system updates from application updates.

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Maybe it released late, because on the machine that is updating right now it’s bundled in with all the other updates… so… IDK what to think.