Hey Leo - will you share some stats?

I am really curious what kind of stats you have available about your audience not demographics but what technology they use. Specifically I am wondering if it’s significantly different than the general public. I mentioned this once in chat and @Mike_B said you’d consider this top secret “proprietary” information… but you always seem pretty open to me. I am curious about stuff like OS, browser, stuff like that.

I guess you can only really tell by hits to your website and IRC but it’d still be interesting, and in looking at it you might find some good stats for advertisers?

I suppose we could figure out some things from our web logs, but that doesn’t really tell us about our listeners, just those who visit our sites.

Apple collects some info if you use iTunes or the Podcast app but we’ve never asked for that info.

We do regular surveys to learn about our audience but that’s mostly for advertising and marketing and I don’t look at that either.

It’s not that the info is proprietary, it’s that we know our audience cares a lot about privacy so we try to respect that.