HELP? listening to podcasts through an intranet or "overly agressive ad blocker"

I have recently gotten a new position at my Engineering Job that no longer alows me to bring my phone in to my desk. This has resulted in me having to listen to podcast through one of my work PC’s web browser. if this were a normal internet connection all would be fine but its not. My work has what some sites describe as an “Overly Agressive Ad Blocker” but we at work call it an Intranet. emphasis on the “A”. Anyways I am looking for ways to get around the add blocker without downloading anything. It turns out that when i use sites like Google podcast, Spotify, Pandora, and many more through a web browser they end up only letting me play some things like Stations but not individual songs or podcast and they give me some error that some sites call an ad blocker. regadless the only way I have been able to listen to podcasts is by visiting the host site but this does not always work. thankfully does work and has been a life saver since its my favorite podcast network and has hours of great content. can anyone help me get around this “overly agressive ad blocker”/Intranet? I am open to sugestions? i have tried many things but dont mind trying more. keep in mind i cannot download anything and until covid 19 is over i can not use youtube which was what i used before this whole thing. thank you!

Overcast is great for audio podcasts. Marco provides a free service with no ads, so ad blocking should not be a problem. Overcast is an iOS app, but the service is also available through the website. Try it out.

It’s too bad you don’t have an iPod Shuffle or some other tiny MP3 player sitting around to use at work – or would the employer object to that too?

ok i just checked it out and and every other .fm ive found does not work because my work blocks them (not sure why honestly). Also i am not aloud to bring in iPods or MP3 players either. I work in a highly secure area. Think of it like Apple where there is alot of confidential information that they are very very agressive at protecting.

Podcast-playing apps with a .com website include:

I’ve never used any of 'em for podcasts. IMO, blocking .fm domains for “security” sounds rather silly.

I’m presuming a VPN would be blocked. That would be the way out, because you could VPN into a different network that is less restrictive.

correct I have to stay in the network in order to do my work

Judging by the lockdown of services on your network, are you even allowed to listen to music/podcasts on the PC at your desk? I wouldn’t do anything like try and put in a VPN or any other form of software, that is probably a disciplinary offence, with either a formal written warning or instant dismissal.

What do the company’s IT and personnel policies say about listening to music/audio in general at your desk? I would double check those or even ask your supervisor, just to be certain.I wouldn’t want to lose my job, just because I was trying to listen to a podcast when I shouldn’t…


try using Plex (, i’m a big fan of their podcast functionality.

My thoughts exactly - working in a “highly secure area” they will not want you accessing any old site. I would say that a lot of the music/podcast sites have tracking cookies which the employer actively blocks to prevent any data leakage.


I’d also be weary of trying to work around your companies security policy, otherwise your new position might not be your new position for much longer!

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Yes, all the trying to bypass the corporate firewalling is a lot of work, and would wear one out. The OP should also be wary of the consequences of breaking rules.

I have already read the policies associated and I know for a fact we are aloud to access websites like pandora and spotify. The issue is not that they dont want us listening to content its that whatever Network Blocks they have up dont let me play podcasts. like i can access the sites but when i hit play on most podcasts other than Twit they just wont play. The companies’s blocks are often a bit dated which was not an issue when i worked at this same company but in a less secure area. in less secure areas its very common to see people listening on there phone with bluetooth speakers. the issue is my only connection to the outside world is through a computer that has very agressive security blocks that tend to prohibit most podcasts and music on the aloud services from playing. I knew this was a long shot but thanks for trying guys. Its a high level problem and it seems no one really understands it partly cuz i dont really know why its notworking and its probably not fixable ive tried everything i can think of.

just to clarify i am not trying to brake the firewall or get around it or jeprodise security in order to listen. but it apears that may not be possible based on where people tend to store there podcasts. I think it has to do with the fact that you have to download content and the host sites for the podcasts might not be secure enough. since i can download/stream from other sites.

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I see what you did there. One must be wary of wearing oneself out at work :joy:

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