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Beep boop - this is a robot. A new show has been posted to TWiT…

What are your thoughts about today’s show? We’d love to hear from you!


@Leo, you’ll need to create a new category in the show hierarchy for this one.


Surprise! New show! :slight_smile:

I’m wondering who’s going to be the first to notice something different about it…

@Leo, you’ll need to create a new category in the show hierarchy for this one.

I think I did. Apologies if I didn’t do it right, Leo. :slight_smile:


I just subscribed and can’t wait


Subscribed! And a bit more for the 20-char limit.


Looking forward to it @mikahsargent !


I’m curious… Which feed did you subscribe to?

Subscribed on YouTube :wave:


In my case, video. As usual with new feeds it wasn’t findable using Discover in Pocket Casts, so I went to the show page at twit.tv, clicked “Subscribe to Video”, chose “Pocket Casts” from the list of feeds then clicked on “Subscribe”. In the new window this opened I clicked on “Open in Pocket Casts” and this displayed the show info in that app, allowing me to subscribe, download and play.

Note: this was done on an iPad, and worked if the last thing Pocket Casts had been displaying was the Podcasts tab. I found out that if the last tab displayed in Pocket Casts was Discover, it wouldn’t bring up the show details when it switched to that app. Moving to the Podcasts tab before attempting to subscribe solved that issue.

I subscribed to Apple podcast video.

So if anyone has noticed what’s different about this show, they haven’t said anything.
Here’s a hint… It’s related to the feeds.

The “Video” feed now says “YouTube”… which means TWiT is not going to host the content on it’s own (i.e. not use CacheFly to feed it out?)

No, we include links to YouTube as an option in the Video feed lists for every show.

Well right now YouTube is getting a more prominent listing as the only video option:


Oh, I thought you were talking about the FEED options, not the player. No, that’s not what I was referring to.

I subscribed to the video feed on Apple’s Podcast App. I subscribe to all my favorite twit shows by Video on Apple Podcast. The only show I listen to that I haven’t subscribed to and don’t watch the video version is Security now. Security now is what I go to when I’ve listened to all my other podcast that week and looking for something else to to occupy my ear hole.

I guess nobody has noticed there’s only one video feed. There’s no Video-LO or Video-HI feeds for this show.


I noticed that…

Subscribed and ready to roll!!!

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@PDelahanty you added the Category perfectly. Thanks!!

We were worried about how people would react to the single video choice. It’s considerably easier for us and saves storage. If it’s a big issue for you let me know, but we’re hoping to offer only one video choice on all new shows going forward.