HDR Game Recommendations?

So thanks to a nice boxing day deal, I finally jumped into the realm of 4K HDR. I’ve got a PS4 Pro and Windows PC and I’m wondering if anyone can recommend some good HDR games?

So far, I’ve just been playing MK11 and Tetris Effect, which are both quite good.

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Digital Foundry should have some good recommendations for you, as they’re focused on envelope-pushing content from a technical perspective. I seem to recall they gave Control high marks for that, and overall as well.

God of War 4 is hard to beat for sheer spectacle in its greatest moments, and its performances hit some impressive operatic high notes in its final scenes:

Spider-Man’s fluid, kinetic action is pretty amazing, and integrates spider powers into combat and mission structure well:

Though retro, the 2.5-D Octopath Traveler does actually offer/support HDR. Excellent sound track, as well:

Horizon: Zero Dawn’s script and story are gripping and memorable, though only sink their teeth into you toward the very end:

Rise of The Tomb Raider:

Jedi: Fallen Order was directed by God of War 3’s director and it shows: impressive environments and spectacular action-set pieces, with close fidelity to the films in look-and-feel:

I hate Final Fantasy XV’s character designs and its story was a half-lobotomized mess from one of the worst game development hells in gaming history so far, but its Luminous engine’s achievements IMO cannot be denied in wide-shots of the environment, weather and lighting effects, etc. I’m especially impressed by the purity of its sunset colors. I’d recommend the PC version if visual fidelity is your goal.


The PSN Store has a section specific to the Pro. Maybe check there to see more info about games that might interest you. I don’t have an HDR capable display, so have never bothered to focus on that aspect of the games/content. I do remember reading somewhere that the HouseMarque games had some HDR updates… but you have to like the dual stick shooter genre.