Google to move UK data to US, thank Brexit

In a strange move, Google are moving the personal data of UK citizens to the US, claiming that after Brexit, the UK is no longer covered by GDPR.

Interestingly, the UK DPA 2018 law is the implementation of GDPR in British law, which means that UK citizens still receive the same level of protection they enjoyed under EU membership, until the law is repealed. That states that the data can only be stored in the host country (UK) or Europe or a country with equivalent data protection laws (which the US most certainly does not have) or for which a data transfer agreement exists (this exists between the EU and the USA, but not between the UK and the USA, and the USA, after 4 years, still has to ratify their end of the Privacy Shield treaty with the EU).

Legally, it looks to me as if they must either leave the data in the EU or they must store it in the UK, until such time as the USA signs a data transfer treaty with the UK.

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