Google shuttering another service

Google shutting down cloud print after 2020

And this is why I don’t have high hopes for stadia


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It would be great if Google set standards and kept them like Microsoft and further adopt them like Apple. This move is not great for competition or hardware compatibility at all.

This is also disappointing to me as a non-Google fan. If Google can’t create something usable and ubiquitous, what’s the draw?

I see no innovation in user interface, hardware or products.

While I agree with the fact that Google does shutter services, however this one ran its course. Google now offers native printing services in Chromebooks, Android, and tons of Cloud enabled Printers. So this service did its job and it’s about time. I think I agree with this one. There probably isn’t much reason to keep this alive anymore.

Sure. How about older devices? A few of the manufacturers have already announced the discontinuation and have not put out any plans to support the legacy hardware with the native service.

ARG! Like Reader!! I have 2 RSS readers going right now years after Google said it was dead.

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I had never had a problem with any of Google’s service killing… Until this year. First G+ (which I always preferred over other services), then Inbox ( I’ve still not found an adequate/equivalent service), and now this. This is the single way I print across all my devices and the only way I have to print remotely. As someone who drinks the Google koolaid, I’m ready to strongly look outside the G system to find systems that aren’t constantly on the chopping block.