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Regarding Google’s decision to limit photo storage to 15 GB starting June 1, 2021, I think you are right, Leo, that Google has really become a stick in one’s craw.

Here is a link to an interesting article suggesting that Google has downgraded the High Quality photos to something less than useful now.

If true, this is unfortunate as everyone scurries around trying to find ways to get their photos uploaded at the last minute only to find that the quality of the uploaded photos is poor. Guess we should have not procrastinated and have uploaded our files earlier on when Google made the announcement last year.

And I have had problems using the backup and sync program to upload my photos to Google Photo. I started uploading my photos to Google Photos and ended up running out of space on my Google Drive. I noticed that some of the videos in AVI format were uploaded to my Google Drive which put me at my 15 GB limit. Backup and Sync continued to run and upload my photos to Google Photo, although I think some large video files failed to upload ostensibly due to reaching my 15 GB limit on Google Drive. I could not figure out why Backup and Sync was storing AVI files on my Google Drive and not Google Photo, so I ended up just signing up for the 100 GB on Google Drive for a 1 month free trial which may give me 30 days to figure out what Google is up to. I expected that my Google Drive space would continue to be taken up by video files uploaded using Backup and Sync, but that has not been the case. My Google Drive space has held at 15.1 GB in use, and removing the AVI files that were uploaded to Google Drive (and then removing them from Trash) has not given me back any of the space associated with those large files.

Another Google snafu? I am never sure if Google is just inept with their products or if they have a (nefarious) method to their madness. I was forced to sign up for additional storage on my Google Drive now which is obviously what they want. I do not plan to go beyond the 30 trial period for the additional storage, but at the same time, I do not see a way to resolve the issue since it appears that something is broken again with Google products and there is no way that I have found to contact Google support.

I posted the following on TechGuyLabs, but never know if anyone sees it. And thought Leo might see it here for future reference.

Carolyn from Sedona called and asked about creating an Apple ID without providing a credit card. It is possible without any tricks or hacks. It simply requires the device you are creating it on is not logged into iCloud or the Apple App Store, and you do it from within the App Store.

  1. Log out of iCloud and App Store from Settings.

  2. Open App Store, select a free app, then select Create New Apple ID

  3. When you get to page for payment choice, “None” will be one of the choices”. Continue from there.

Like Carolyn, I help other seniors with tech. When helping with setting up iPad and iPhone, I ask them to bring a $20 Apple App Store gift card with them. We add that credit to their new Apple ID.

Not sure how it could be done, but it would be good if there was a way to follow up on the calls for tech help.


How about on a brand new device? I think that’s the issue. The “none” option seems to have disappeared of late.

I guess Carolyn could set up the phone with her Apple ID, then log out, and set it up afresh, but that’s a lot to ask.

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OMG. Obviously being in semi-lockdown in regional Victoria Australia results in way too much free time.

Over the weekend, being a week behind listening to Tech Guy Show, delved into Carolyn from Senoma’s Apple ID problem. Used an older iPad Air to determine I could create an Apple ID (AID) without a payment method by using the App Store instead of the iCloud route. So, determined Carolyn could log out of App Store on her own device, and create a new Apple ID for her client by trying to “buy” a free app, then sign out and sign back into her account. I also recommend she NOT sign out of her iCloud account when doing this. It really confuses things.

Then, decided to see how creating an AID works on a “new” iDevice. Restored an iPhone 6s to factory settings with iOS14.6. Went through the manual setup method with a new Apple ID. Actually got through the whole setup, including a new AID, without ever being asked to set up a payment method. Did get one display with message I could set up a payment method later, with links if I wanted to do it now.

Being a fan of painful experiences, I restored my iPad Air to factory 12.5.3. Went through Set-up. Created new Apple ID. Never got asked to setup payment method.

It appears Apple has a multitude of setup procedures, depending on device, OS version, how you place your tongue when you hit enter. Might be best to use a PC, browse to

and create an Apple ID before starting the setup procedure.

Helping seniors with tech can be a real hoot. They know that just having wifi in their house will result in someone spying on them or having a credit card will result in their saving being stolen. And you cannot try to dissuade them of these fears. And if you have trouble setting up the device for them, it really makes it worse. I have helped people who bought iPads but have no internet in their homes, people who bought $3000 17" i7 laptops who just want to do email and browse, or sign up to $80/month phone plans on 2 year contracts for a phone they never use, all because the salesperson at a local store convinced them that is what they need.

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Wow, great investigative work @Bgeeoz! Once you set up the account were you able to download apps?

Thanks for all that work!!

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Whoops, never thought to go the next step. So, restored iPhone with the new Apple ID set up with no payment, and installed a free sudoku app. No problem. (and that was an Apple ID account I “deleted”. That process did say it takes a few days).

Would be nice if there was a way TechGuyLabs could pass on solutions directly and get feedback if they helped.

You can add it to the web page as a comment. But we don’t take callers information, for obvious reasons!