Google putting a stop to Android App location tracking

This is great news, and about time!

This is not a HUGE deal to me, but I see it brought up by others here all the time.

What do you guys think?

This should make privacy gurus happy.


It troubles me that a) Google wields such power in determining what apps live and die, and b) that people seem to expect and welcome this oversight. At the end of the day, it’s up to YOU what does and doesn’t run on YOUR device.

Unfortunately I know this is kind of a utopian attitude of a userbase, but a guy can dream. I suppose until then we’ll expect policy and design decisions pandering to the lowest common denominator user.

I hope there will be an option still for certain apps to use location all the time. I am a truck driver and my wife and I use life 360 so that she can track my location throughout the night, that way if it seems like I have been in one place to long she calls to make sure im alright and not had a heart attack or been involved in an accident. For my family this is an invaluable bit of peace of mind and it would be a shame if googles decision break that.


I’m one that prefers my apps to ASK me before just setting it on. Some apps need this information, some just want it. I shouldn’t have to go into settings to find out. It’s one lousy extra step to get permission after install. It isn’t hard to explain, in plain English (or whatever language) why it needs the location or persistent location information…then I can decide…


This is my opinion as well👍🏻

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Yep. I’d like to see a “plain-language” requirement that spells out an app’s data collection, use and sharing policy, with options to opt-out. The problem is that if Apple or Google required this of apps they would be forced to do it themselves.
More broadly I think we need plain language requirements across the entire landscape of modern contracts.


Yes! This! :clap::clap::clap: