Google Assistant Routines

I don’t know if anyone else as had this issue, but my google home assistant has been doing this weird thing where the assistant will say “something went wrong, please try again.” everytime I use routines, but goes thought with the routine just fine after the statement. This as only been happening for about a month and I can’t figure it out. I have reset all of the the google homes, erased all of my google history and it still happening. Please help!

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Unrelated to routines, I have had this with many commands. My experience says it is caused by one of two things.

  1. The device “sleeps” and then you wake it up and the [wireless] network doesn’t establish as fast as it expects and it reports that message (which is local, I think) while the packet still got through eventually.

  2. There are two devices hearing the same command. The two devices have different network connection speeds. (Even a minor difference.) They both thing they “won” and one executes and the other gives you the message that it can’t.

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Did you try asking Google to ‘resync devices’ ?

I did, I ended up getting in contact with Google support and they said that it is an on going problem with the default routines. They did say that their engineers are working on a fix for it.

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