I Disabled Google Assistant

From my pocket I heard Google announce “I have this on that” I looked to find information about the Capital invasion. Then I noticed Assistant continue to type everything being said on the TV. The words “Assaulting the Capital” were being typed. Visions of a swat team at my door caused me to disable.

I never activated it on my last 3 phones. My Nexus used to make phantom recordings all the time.

I used it once to see how it worked. When I looked 6 months later, there were hundreds of recordings, most just wind as I was out walking the dog.

Likewise, in the office, my boss saying “ok, ok” in the office next door was enough to trigger it several times a day.

Does this also happen on the Google Home devices? Man am I glad I did not scatter these things all over the house.
Leo’s step son pulled the plug on his!

Oh dear, that reminds me of Clippy but on an entire different scale :laughing: