Good To Know Apple Still Loves Me

I got all excited this morning because I got an invitation to an Apple background briefing.

Hi Leo,

We are looking forward to having you join us.

Please use the links below to access the briefings using the Webex Meetings app on your Mac, or join from Safari on your Mac. You may have to download a WebEx extension, even if you already have the app. Please allow a few extra minutes prior to the call to complete the download.

The content from these briefings are on background, meaning no quotes or “Apple says” attribution. We also ask that there is no taping, screen recording or capturing during the briefings. Thank you in advance.

We hope to make this feel more like a conversation, so if you are comfortable, feel free to keep your camera on. There may be some briefings that are audio-only, and we’ll let you know when we start the call.

Might have been a mistake because the “briefing” time was 10a Tuesday (that’s when the event is!).

Just in case, two hours later I got this terser message:

We’re excited for you to join us virtually for the Apple Special Event keynote on September 15 at 10:00 a.m. PDT.

Please disregard the earlier email titled “Apple Event Briefing Schedule” you received.

It’s nice to know I’m still on Apple’s s*** list! :smile:

Update: I’m not alone. Rene Ritchie just confirmed that a lot of people received the invitation to be briefed at the event time. In other words it was an error, not to be taken personally.

In fact, I searched the same inbox and lo and behold, I got an actual event to the stream, too!! Maybe I’m off the s*** list after all!


In other words, you’ll need a new running joke.

Wow congrats Leo, its good they changed their minds about you!