FYI - Awesome deal TODAY on Arlo Pro Camera + Base station

FYI - Best Buy has this on sale today for almost 1/2 price… Normally $250 (what I paid for it in the past)

It is listed as the deal of the day - so, apparently ONLY for today.

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Looks like a good one for those that prefer the cloud devices. Usually this means a new model is coming down the line.

They have already released a newer generation (Arlo Pro 2) of cameras since the Arlo Pro. And yes… they are about to release the Arlo Pro 3.

I have 4 Arlo Pro cameras, and they are fantastic. The 720 resolution is more than good enough. And, the Arlo Pro is rechargeable. The Arlo Pro 2 is 1080, but 720 is great This price is a steal.

I bought this one, and then I added 3 more cameras, one at a time. I need 1 more, but I am still looking for a good deal