Futures from the past

We were talking on a Facebook forum the other day about AR glasses and then chat wandered to AI and image creation.

I am going to tag in @big_D and @Jamze and @ant_pruitt here because I think you may be old enough to remember what I am talking about.

Back in the dim distant past when newspapers and existed and lawyers hadn’t been invented we used to have awful ads in the back of Sunday papers, some weren’t that bad ZenitE SLR and Vega multi and radios. Others though like the seahorse families (just add water!) and the x-ray specs were, let’s just say dubious - the sketch of the young lady with her undies visible through her clothes!!

Maybe this could be Apple’s killer app for AR glasses, tap the side of the glasses and instantly Dalle-2 or whatever is the flavour of the day overlays the real image with a virtual ‘x-ray’ version!!

If Apple don’t do it, I am sure Elon will!!