Forced labor for Apple and Lenovo products

If this is true, it is sad - and they are apparently making products for Apple and Lenovo…

What do you guys think about this? Sad Situation…

Makes ya think every time ya buy something…


I have to wonder what it’ll take to get Apple in particular to automate production. Even before coronavirus, their assembly process was shockingly analogue. They can make a recycling robot to disassemble it, and supposedly they spend as much time on how to machine parts as they do the parts themselves, but can’t assemble without “unskilled” labor?


Electronics are just too inexpensive. Nobody wants to hear that, but a 65" display can’t cost $350. A smartphone is a luxury item, it can’t cost $199. There’s always a cost somewhere, to someone.


Yes Communism/Socialism is bad for people in actual practice vs. an on paper idealism. Sad is we have some people here that want to bring that to the USA. I wish we could trade the Stars and Stripes carrying folks of Hong Kong for the Sandernestia’s and Proctohauntus supporters we have here.

You are free to leave the USA anytime you want, can that be said for the folks in China, North Korea and the rest “living” under the commie thumb?


The problem is, the USA has shown capitalism is hardly any better.

As long as humans are involved, neither system works well.

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I disagree strongly. WIthout capitalism, we would not have innovation. However, we’ve been sold out by our leaders recently. We no longer make anything here. And now the Chinese have control over us. 90%+ of our medicine is made there, out technology is made there, much steel is made there. Hell, everything is made there. That was stupid. And people who entered Congress not millionaires soon became so.

I think capitalism worked pretty well until somewhat recently in our country. And, it is still the best way. I still do not want socialism or worse.

But, I don’t care to talk politics on forums too much, so that’s all I’ll say on the matter.


Mistershipwreck - Just want to come alongside and shout amen. The United States outsourced our production and it is costing us dearly.

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At least we need to understand our supply chains. This kind of stuff happens because companies obscure where components are made. If there were some kind of mandatory reporting of what is being made where (including to consumers), slave labour and inhumane production practices would end up being exposed and would therefore no longer be viable. That would, in turn, encourage local robotic production, as human-made goods would be more expensive, increasing the incentive to find alternatives.

Capitalism is exactly why all the products are being made in China.
Capitalism is a model of operation and as such it does not care where or who makes products, only that the maximum amount of profit can be made.

In the USA if a board of a company is presented with 2 plans, 1 will mean cleaner environment and healthier people, and the other much harm and illness.
Or one plan is local, and the other remote, the Law says that whichever makes the shareholders more profit has to be the chosen project.

Capitalism only works when it has a Socialist heart.
Raising capital to achieve costly and difficult tasks worked when companies were intended to be short term entities to achieve a goal. This is what kicked the industrial age into gear.
Later we got to a point when those running these short term projects decided they needed to continue so that more money could be made even thought the project is over.
These companies absorb others and branch out so that they can exist, not to bring people things they could not otherwise get.

Capitalism for the sake of the people and their goals works, so inherently serves the people.
Capitalism for the sake of Capitalism does not serve the people, it serves the few at the top of the various piles.

Companies are supposed to exist to fulfil our needs, not we exist to buy their products.


LOL… Ya’ll think you can change each others’ minds on a topic like this? Fat chance. Spare yourself the blood pressure geyser and walk away.