Hong Kong elections

I hope everyone who proffered the party line about Westerners deluding themselves that Eastern peoples have an appetite for self-determination are appropriately ashamed in light of Hong Kong’s democratic landslide this week. @Leo at least had the spine to voice strong skepticism of the claim. Let it be a lesson to TWiT and the world, especially the Western world, at how easily we let our perceived capitalist interests lead us gravely astray.

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Preach. All the way to the back of the room.

Is it preaching? I consider it merely what ought to have been common-sense.

It’s an expression, another way of saying “Amen, brother.”


Be that as it may, let not common-sense be consigned to dogmatism or partisanship. I recognize your supportive intent, however the expression elicits my chagrin: surely you can see how it plays into the hands of suppressionists’ designs to characterize autonomic advocacy to be extreme and/or extremist! The casualness of the phrase mustn’t beguile its erstwhile treachery.

Point taken. I think many of us (here and elsewhere) could do with a bit of a rethink re: how and where we choose to express ourselves.