For the Discourse developers lurking, wouldn't it be awesome if

Sorry for the … title, but I wanted to be clear in the title that this feedback is more of a “feature request” that would need to come from the Discourse side, but wouldn’t it be awesome if we (Leo’s bot) could direct link to a media file (AAC/MP4) to create a onebox, and replies to the post populated the time stamp when replying?

For example:

• Leo-bot posts a direct link to the show’s media file. • We later-listeners click on the embed created by the onebox and begin listening/watching in browser. • When we get ready to make a comment, we press the [Reply] button and the reply begins with @ 0:00 - with 0:00 being the current position of playback and ideally one that links to that moment in playback (cf. time stamps in YouTube comments).

I don’t know, but I feel like this sort of feature would foster discussion around topics mentioned in the shows and help make the comments feel more like a shared watch/listen experience (cf. Facebook Live replays with the comments synced to time stamps).

Just my 2¢. What do y’all think? Thanks.