FOP 5: Show It and Own It

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You and Wools were really good today. You two need to start have a bourbon or two during the back & forth. The noise/grain convo was very interesting. I do think it’s pertinent to discuss what the final output of your file will be. And ain’t nobody seeing my artistic grain on some 3" screen! Great show.

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The discussion on doing the family stuff was very interesting to me. Not being a pro, I get it. But I actually enjoy it. It’s always a chance to practice trying to get the unexpected moment. Though, it helps that no one is expecting anything and there’s 3-4 photographers in the family get togethers =P

But I hear you on weddings. I shot part time for a bit doing a few weddings. The stress was just insane. I could not imagine doing it alone either (I always shot as a team). On the flip side, being in the wedding party, it was one of the few times I really clicked with my Ricoh GR (love the idea of this camera, but I just don’t enjoy using it too much).

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lol! We both love our whiskies, but it’s 9AM. I only pour drams that early on football Saturday. Lol!
THANKS for listening and sharing the show. Totally agree about final output.

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Yeah I’m a total wimp when it comes to weddings. I have NO desire to shoot them and stress myself out over screwing up a couples ONE magical day.

Far as the family, it’s like they are expecting pro-level work and effort. Never mind that all ya wanna do is just have some meat, 'taters and gravy. :slight_smile:

THANKS for listening and also sharing the show, man.

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