FOP 11: Position in the Pit

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Just listened to FOP. The bit about people only seeing the best photos is so true.

I am only an amatuer and mostly only my family and close friends get to see the photos (I rarely post of Flickr and I don’t use any Facebook properties), but even so when I get back from a trip where I’ve taken photos, I’ll spend a couple of hours going through the photos I’ve made and deleting those that really are nothing (blurred, out of focus etc.) and, because I do a lot of animal shots, I’ll often shoot 3 - 4 frames at a time and they are all slightly different, but “the same”, I’ll keep the best couple of each scene, or export just the best to my “display” folders. I’ll go back over the RAWs now and then to see if I have changed my mind.

I keep the RAWs I shoot, but after putting them through Capture One, I’ll go back and export the finished pictures in JPEG at a “screen” resolution, so that I can quickly call them up over the cloud, when I’m showing someone the photos - if they want a high resolution version, I can then go back to the RAW and export at the native resolution.


Indeed. THANKS for listening, man. Was a fun convo with these gents

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