FLOSS 623: MNM Mail

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Disappointing to hear end-to-end encryption is not a priority. Servers having legitimate reasons to access messages? Only journalists needing encryption? I think this guy is about to screw the pooch on this one…

I didn’t actually watch the episode, but I did check out the project’s website, and it reeked of amateurism to me. It certainly doesn’t come across as a product that I think will be successful or even desirable. If it can’t appeal to “mom or dad” then it has no hope for wide adoption, and will become some niche thing that no one has heard of.

I did watch the episode but didn’t see the code =)
I think the idea is great and highly desirable. That its not mom and dad appealable is not a major problem yet - at this stage technology enthusiast users is more than enough - but those will be taken aback by the lack of encryption. Its a major oversight these days.