SN 769: Zoom's E2EE Design

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Steve’s comment about Sourceforge is not true.
On the front of each project page is a large green download button which gets the latest default build.
If you go into the files section to browse, you will also see a large green download button but can continue into the folders til you get to the right version, then clicking on that will give you the same DL page you get when using the green buttons.

I suspect he clicked on the button without noticing and started the download.
Anyway, if you change the browser from the default so it always asks for a download location, you can’t have drive-by downloads.

BTW @Leo Lynx needs at least Windows 7 so is not suitable for ancient PCs anymore (weird)

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Seems baffling to me the architects of DoH wouldn’t know of the basic web server connection protocols. I cannot help but think there is more to this story and will have one of those Paul Harvey endings.