Find My Phone Used My Location. I Didn't Use It

While on my iPhone 11 ProMax this morning, I noticed something was using my location. I wasn’t using an app that would do that. Out of curiosity, I looked to see what was using it. I found a purple arrow next to Find My iPhone under System Services. It happened again a bit later. I’ve attached a screen shot indicating it had used my location.

Should this happen without me using Find My iPhone? What might trigger that? No one else has access to this phone. I am using iOS 14. A bug perhaps? Any ideas?

I would guess it’s telling your icloud account it’s last known location in the background, so in the event you lose it, it can be found more easily.


Exactly. If it is lost or stolen and the battery dies or the thieves turn it off, it can’t give its current location. As I understand it, the service gives out the phones current location at regular intervals.

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