Find My & Lock My Mac - still useful if no Wifi

If my MacAir is stolen, and I want to use Find My to Mark As Lost and I also Lock it down, if the people who stole my MacAir put it in a place where there is no Wifi, how would the MacAir know how to lock it down?



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Thank you. And if they put my MacAir somewhere there is no signal or wrap it in a mini “faraday” cage?

To be clear, I’m not that important but wondering about the Security aspect of this.

Find My is best effort. It’s really quite useless in most cases of theft, because it is unsafe for you to track an item down and the police are too busy to care. I guess maybe it can help you make an insurance claim.

Also, it will only report the last known position, the last time it encountered another device that will report it’s location. It could have been on the move at that time, and that means the location is inaccurate until another report can be generated, and so on.

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Thank you. And I am more thinking about security. Theoretically, if someone wanted to try to hack into my MacAir by brute force. Too bad the “10 tries and it’s erased” is gone.