Filters Demo and Review for the Community

I watched the last episode when you recommended the K & F filters Ant. Thanks for that because I’m building my kit for a new Canon EOS G6 Mark II. And I wanted to get at least a CPL But I’d love to see a show about how to use filters of various kinds. Why, when and how?

Also, what do you think of the new Moment filters for as they called them “Big cameras” since they were previously focused more on lenses and gear for mobile phone photography. I have a full set of Moment lenses for my iPhone. I love them, but wonder if they are worth the price. A good option for a review for the community.


Moment makes great glass. I have nothing against them. Thanks for the episode suggestion :fist_right:t5::tumbler_glass:

I had to go look up “CPL” and thought I was probably not the only one who did not know what that stood for:

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