Favorite Sci Fi Weapons

What are your favorite sci-fi weapons?
A few of mine are the Lazy Gun from Against a Dark Background by Iain M. Banks and the whip-hounds in The Prefect by Alastair Reynolds.

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I always wanted a Zat gun from Stargate SG1.

1 shot stuns, 2 kills. And, in just one episode, a 3rd shot disintegrates the item… They never used that again, though… (the 3rd shot thing)



I don’t know that it is my favourite, cause I don’t think I have one, but Adam Savage had to build a version of the weapon from The Fifth Element… it’s like 5 or 6 in one.


It was the ZF-1 :slight_smile:

I love that movie

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My family’s favorite movie!

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I remember seeing that movie in the theater 7x with my ex wife. It was awesome on the big screen


Neat topic! First thing that came to mind was the Veron T disruptor from Star Trek TNG.

The original magnum pistol from Halo: CE was really satisfying to use.

If weapon systems count, I’ll throw in the A-Wing starfighter from Star Wars too.

Love the Zat gun and all the SG weapons.

I like those discs from SHIELD that disintegrate the shit out of whatever they hit. The Icers are cool but they only use the discs in extreme situations and they are super duper deadly.

The Crysknife from the Dune series. I also find the shield concept fascinating.


M41a pulse rifle with over and under 40mm grenade launcher image

The slow blade penetrates!


Does a Xenomorph count? Would probably make a terrible pet though.