SN 842: The More Things Change

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Steve and @Leo were pondering what SPM stands for. Security Performance Management?
What is Cyber Security Performance Management?

By george you’ve got it! thanks!

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One thing Steve missed with Dune.

The reason for swords is clearly defined. There are 2 main reasons:

  1. There is a convention against using nuclear weapons in place. They have them, but they are kept for the protection of the species, in the event that an external force threatens to destroy humanity. Any great house caught using nuclear weapons would be destroyed by a combined fleet of all other major houses, regardless of any alliances that might exist.
  2. They have lasguns, but they also have the protective shield, which stops projectiles and deflects melee attacks, but it has the huge disadvantage that when a lasgun blast hits it, it detonates like a nuclear explosion, killing the shielded target and the shooter. The aftermath is also hard to differentiate from a nuclear blast, see 1 above.

Therefore the imperium returned to hand-to-hand combat.

It is a tool used to make the fight scenes more gripping and suspenseful and to bring more skill to the fights, not just peng, you’re dead! It also brings the whole honour and chivalry aspects of Great House life into the forefront.

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I had forgotten about the interaction of shields and lazguns.
Shad at the Shadiversity YouTube channel did a nice analysis of the fighting in Dune and how other melee weapons would work. Once you take away ranged weapons and most of the impact of weapons, it makes grappling and daggers the best option.

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