Favorite Apple Arcade Titles

So, for the Apple Arcade crowd, what is your favorite title you have found so far?

Mine would have to be Grindstone followed by Oceanhorn 2.

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Tint. is my #1 because it is so well-observed. It’s a finger-paint puzzler. Just go play it.

Sayonara Wildhearts because of its soundtrack, punchy visuals, and the replayability from its tightly choreographed requirements for high scores and achievements.

Agent Intercept because of its flashy graphics and easy, dumb fun gameplay, but it desperately needs more content and the stench of free-to-play is positively overpowering.

The Mosaic is an atmospheric tone poem against isolation and hopelessness with one of the most addictive mini-games ever, BlipBlop (released as a stand-alone app even on GooglePlay, BTW).

Lego Builder’s Journey, while short, is a delightful, relaxing, attractive puzzler well worth the play.

Hexaflip is an addictive, stylish action puzzler. Its free-to-play reek is pretty bad, too, but not as obtrusive as Agent Intercept’s.

Guildlings’ script is a real groaner (try-hard millennial slang), but its mechanics make it a solid RPG adventure, and its inclusive themes are refreshing.

Cat Quest II’s awful puns marr an otherwise excellent, robust, full-fat single-player (or co-op!) action/story RPG featuring a quest structure more flexible than Breath of the Wild, and loads of content including just-because silliness challenges that are a ton of fun. They just added New Game+ as well, so the leveling system can really stretch its legs! A guilty pleasure of multiple dozens of hours.

Spek is like an ultra-minimalist Monument Valley. I love its concept, but the visuals, as simple as they are, are still rough in execution, and the controls aren’t the greatest.

Lifelike is a trippy sandbox of emergent-behavior that really showcases true Retina resolution graphics well.


Awesome. I really need to try Wildhearts.

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I begged the devs to release a “Perfect Run” soundtrack with all the sound-effects in perfect time (you’ll understand once you play) but didn’t hear back yet. I sure hope they do. The soundtrack’s available on vinyl which is awesome and all but has no effects which are a huge part of what makes playing the game sound awesome and I really miss them on the soundtrack. Here’s hopin’ :crossed_fingers: I mention in case publicizing the idea makes it more likely, but I also don’t want to @ them on Twitter or something confrontational like that :sweat_smile: