Apple Arcade's tint. by Lykke Studios

Lykke Studios’ “tint.” has become a mini-obsession of mine from Apple Arcade on my iPad to de-stress. After months of tweeting the shareable result photo made available in-game, they invited me to a contest they’re running on the most beautiful solves for a new batch of levels geared for relaxing under lock-down as a new easy infinite-loop Zen mode. Though not a Zen puzzle for reasons I’ll explain below, the idea of the contest did inspire me to push myself to perform a solve on video with Screen Capture, and I edited a nice full video around that plus threw in a bonus 2nd solve. It’s my 1st public video; I really hope it inspires you Apple device owners (and prospective owners!) out there to give Arcade a go and try tint., especially if you have an iPad to give you some elbow room and provide a nice big, rewarding display.

What has stopped me from sharing beyond the finished in-game photo up to now is that the game’s retry button stops working once a puzzle is completed, always forcing you on to the next one. To retry requires backing out to chapter select, then re-selecting and re-loading the puzzle I want to retry, which completely breaks my flow. Thankfully, they told me day before yesterday that they’re adding finished retries in their next update.

Zen mode is actually much worse because to retry a level requires playing through the 2 dozen or so puzzles not just once but 4 times (almost 50 puzzles!) because they loop through each of the 4 cardinal orientations (including backwards, not just upside-down)! I haven’t been able to 1-take any Zen puzzles on video so far, but because normal book puzzles do allow bouncing back through chapter select, I was able to dedicate the time to perform, capture, and edit together the above video.

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