Faces of Scranton

@mikahsargent , I’ve been meaning to ask about your poster. Do you share a hometown with POTUS and Dunder Mifflin? I grew up in central PA so … well. There it is.


I think @mikahsargent just loves the office. He did an Office podcast for a while.


Ah, and here I thought it was coincidence! :slight_smile:

BTW, I enjoyed your “review” of Unifi on HoT. I didn’t know about the honey-pot function!

I recently installed UDM Pro, switch, cameras, and WAPs in a client’s house. Things are going very well – he enjoys being able to block kids off network as punishment. I think the kids don’t care for me much.

Still, not sure what to make of Ubiquiti’s (mis-)handling of their breach… Disappointing.

Yeah that was poor. There are occasional firmware hiccups - I have to reboot from time to time - but when it works it’s fantastic.


  1. I am not from Scranton and never claimed to be.
  2. You surely misrepresented my “excitement.”

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Harumph!

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Sorry. I interpreted “central PA” as Scranton-esque. Forgive my geographic ignorance.

As for your excitement… you seemed excited to me! :wink:

Oh, you haven’t seen me excited! (I’m saving that for Mx iMac Pro)

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