Epson Ecotank printer

Every couple of months, I need to print something. And it seems like every other time, I’m out of ink again. Like today. So instead of ink, I’m looking into buying one of the Epson printers Leo promotes, but I don’t see it under their sponsors page. Is there still a promo code?

Good marketing tricks is all I can find.

  • There doesn’t appear to be any promotions other than ink costs with the Epson printers.
  • Each replacement set is about as average as any inkjet I’ve ever owned. Obviously wanting you to buy a larger set of ink.
  • I would still question what this ink set contains and how it is used inside the printer.
  • Even Epson is honest that their initial use and ink usage examples are estimates. Pro or Con?
  • Great job throwing Shaq in there. He loves to promote!

Personally and FWIW, I figured out I needed to buy a lower end laser printer (on sale) and use my All-in-One for the jobs I needed to print in colour or photos. The Brother laser I bought a while ago has an incredible long lasting toner.

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Many years ago I found a Samsung laser printer on black Friday for $25! Like you I use that for b/w printing. I use reman toners…it has been great. I have a Canon MG6220 that I print to occasionally for color.

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If you only print every 2 months, you should really buy a laser printer

Even the specially coated heads on the ECotank could clog up if you print that infrequently.

You need to print at least 1 page a week, or around that - so things don’t clog up


An acquaintance bought the highest-end EcoTank on my recommendation which I got from watching TWiT and they’ve loved it. It’s been great, including its 2-sided printing. After using about 1/3rd of the supply it said it needed to run through its head-cleaning maintenance routine and was perfectly fine after running it. Sure, its ink price-point is higher: that’s because it carries orders of magnitude more ink than any other printer. Worth, IMO, especially if you’re sick of dealing with toner outages. They’re also super easy to refill and don’t dust up since it’s liquid.

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There’s never been a “deal” for Epson, but the landing page is

I think you’ll like it, although it’s true a laser printer might be a better choice for very light duty. I use a Brother in my home office (but it’s monochrome) just because it’s so low maintenance:


I have an older HP colour laser printer I got after a previous Lexar black and white laser printer developed paper handling/routing issues. I am only one example, but I have been very happy with my printer. I print very infrequently (save a lot at tax time) and have only replaced the black toner once and the yellow toner once in the 7 or so years I have owned the printer. Its model is HP LaserJet CP1518NI but they don’t sell it any more (although used models seems to exist on Amazon, I am unsure if I would ever try buy something like this used.) I would suggest to spend a little more on paper, as the cheapest paper seems to cause any printer to not perform well.