Endless Web Browser Alternative on iOS

After reading about the Endless browser on a 2019 story in computerworld.com,https://www.computerworld.com/article/3233269/11-smart-browser-alternatives-to-safari-for-ios.html#slide6

I was intrigued that Endless Browser had a different way to keep browsing secure then TOR.

Seeing that it’s no longer available on the app store I’m wondering why it was removed and if there is another browser that uses the same techniques?

thanks for indulging me,


Searching on Endless Browser doesn’t find much. There is supposedly open source here https://github.com/jcs/endless but there hasn’t been any recent activity. It would seem, based on the comment at the bottom, that Apple killed the means they use to work, and probably eventually removed it from iOS so that would have spelled the death of the product.