IOS 570: Safari Extensions in iOS 15

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Another great show. Thanks for the look at add-ons.

I used 1Password, and when I looked, iPadOS had installed the extension into Safari, but hadn’t enabled it.

Turning it on was quickly done, but needs to be done in a coupe of places (settings and browser, ISTR). But once it worked, it was great. With 1Password, the app, I needed to unlock it for the username and again for the password. With the extension, it just needs unlocking once and then fills out the username and password, until the timeout lock closes the vault. So much easier.

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Agreed! I just wish it would work in the in app Safari windows (e.g. from Apollo or Tweetbot), but I understand why Apple wouldn’t let us do that yet.


I’ve been enjoying Amplosion and Noir. @big_D Noir works a treat for, allowing me to read at night without burning my retinas.

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Thanks. Just added Noir, nice.

Had all sorts of problems getting the App Store to work! It kept coming up that I needed to check my invoicing details, Apple Pay was set up, but it failed every time.

There was no indication anywhere, what was needed, I removed my credit card from Apple Pay, re-added it, still nothing, no error messages, no information, other than I needed to check my invoice details.

Checked the invoice address, everything correct. Went through the Apple ID to the website, there, there were no payment details saved. I entered my credit card details again, here, still the Store refused to play ball!

There was also my credit card set up for subscriptions, but as I was making a payment, I hadn’t looked at the subscriptions card in the App Store, the last time, I did go into it and it needed my CV code to be re-entered! But nowhere did it tell me what was missing, nowhere did it say “click here to complete subscription information”, nothing! It took me over half an hour of running around in circles and checking the web (nothing useful), until I finally, out of frustration, clicked on something unrelated to my purchase!

If I am using Apple Pay, why do I need to enter my card details in 5 or 6 different places, anyway?

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You’d think they would make paying the easiest part! Glad you got it sorted.

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Yes, they always harp on about the integrated experience and how much easier it is, blah, blah, blah, then you have something like this.

And the vaunted simplicity is also not there. There are settings in:

  • the App Store,
  • in the Settings under App Store
  • in the Settings under Wallet & Apple Pay
  • In the Settings under Apple ID
  • on the Website under Apple ID (somehow different to Apple ID on the iPad, where the card details were displayed)

Then, everywhere that Apple Pay is shown, underneath it, the credit card with (Apple Pay) behind it is also shown. Why, Apple, why? Put it in one place and be done with it, or just have a flag in the other places to use the Wallet and if it is active, hide the option to add a different payment method.

( @RosemaryOrchard @ChrisKez )
Interesting, there is a report in Mac & i (German Apple magazine), that search results under iOS 15 and Safari don’t show AMP pages any more.

This is a bug, on Google’s side, the agent string for Safari in iOS/iPadOS 15 has changed and Google doesn’t recognise it as a mobile browser, so AMP pages aren’t shown. Danny Sullivan at Google announced that they are, unfortunately, working on the problem.

Yes, this was perhaps the most welcome Google bug I had ever heard of. :joy:
I’m glad we have the new Amplosion extension to fall back on.