DXD player with Cable provider Comcast

Finally found how to use a blu ray-player on comcast. My Blu-ray is now connected with component style cables not HDMI. Do not connect to the internet on the player but now can watch my DVDs again.

Simple question. Can no longer use my bluray player with my TV as our new Comcast box disabled Bluray player. Can I use a monitor with the Bluray Player. Or must I purchase another TV to use the Bluray player. Do not wanr or need an internet connection for playing my DVDs

A monitor should work assuming 2 things:

  1. You have a way to output sound (monitors often don’t have speakers, and many Bluray players only output sound via HDMI)
  2. Your monitor supports HDCP (Any reasonably modern monitor should have this, but I would double check)

Agreed, but a lot of monitors have a line out for sound (mine does, and it’s great when you have multiple computers connected to the multiple HDMI ports), but you won’t get any multi channel sound.

How could Comcast disable a BluRay player?


I don’t understand this. I am guessing you had an installer install the Comcast box and they needed an HDMI port, none was free, and they disconnected your Bluray? If that is the case, then a simple HDMI switcher is all you probably need, to give you more HDMI inputs at the cost of having a new button to press to change inputs.


My answer is from a no tech person. We have 2 HDMI ports on our TV. We used one for the Bluray Player. The other was for our comcast cable box. As you may know Comcast expects you to do any in house work. Spoke to a Comcast support representative. He said to use the HDMI Cable from the Bluray player. Hesitated but thought well I can reconnect the Bluray player and reset the system. After a few days tied to change the wires. Again do not understand the setup. Mistakenly thought the 3rd port was an HDMI. (USB type connector) It is not HDMI. So now we have 2 HDMI ports. Thought one for Bluray and one for Comcast. We actually had VCR with old style Connections. Also have Roku. So disconnected the Roku and tried to connect Bluray. Bluray player would not work. No sound and picture would only Flash a few times and would not work. Moved cables. The TV input has 4 settings. After Comcast changes were wierd. Now comcast is on both the TV and DVD inputs. I moved the HDMI cables. Reconnected Roku on 2nd HDMI and Roku now works on the 4th input. Left the VCR but do not believe it will work. The 4 inputs are 1 & 3 comcast. 2 nothing 4 Roku. Neighbor also can not use his newer Bluray after installing his new comcast box. This new box allows for pausing and recording the comcast signal.

This sounds like one of two things. A bad HDMI cable or one that is not properly (fully) inserted. (It’s theoretically possible the port/input on the TV could go bad too, but then nothing else would work there either.) In any case, you have more devices than you have ports, so the switcher is still what you need (short of a new TV with more inputs.) I can’t really recommend any, as the one I have is much too expensive and is not actually very good (it was the only one I could find that would work with the PS3 which was one of the first ever HDMI devices, and is slightly out of spec.)

I would try one from Monoprice. They’re reasonably priced and are a reasonably quality brand. They also sell new HDMI cables for a reasonable price. This one might be a bit overkill (they do have cheaper less feature filled ones) but seems fairly future proof. Blackbird 4K HDMI Switch, 4x1 (3xHDMI + 1xDisplayport), HDR, 18G, 4K@60Hz, YCbCr 4:4:4, HDCP 2.2, CEC, Scaler, IR - Monoprice.com You can get cables in various lengths and colours, as you desire here: Monoprice 4K High Speed HDMI Cable 6ft - 18Gbps Black - Monoprice.com

Here’s an attempt to represent what I am proposing:



I bought new HDMI cables and bought good ones. Currently have Input 1 and input 3 comcast. Have turned on the VCR and that does not show in any inputs. It is connected via RCA connections. Input 4 works fine with my Roku. My problem is comcast changing settings. I am not alone. My neighbor went back to comcast. He has the same problem. His Bluray player does not work. I am not willing to waste money trying to do anything with my TV. Thanks for your response. You made an effort to help. Take Care and Stay Safe.

Believe my problem is Comcast. Comcast is our best choice for internet and cable. My husband has no interest in a complicated set up. If I can use a monitor and NO internet that looks like my easiest choice. Thanks all for your time and expertise. I have learned from your responses. The TV inputs are not easily understood.

If you disconnect the Comcast box, does your blu ray player work? I cannot see how Comcast box should be affecting your blu ray player. Also, why is the Comcast box connected to two inputs?

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@treeclimber this still makes no sense. There is no way Comcast could have made any changes that would effect the use of a blu ray player. I even asked Scott Wilkinson in the chat yesterday and he had no idea.

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Detail: Picked up a new cable box after old box stopped working after thunderstorm. Called Comcast for instructions on set up. Support said to use the HDMI cable from the Bluray player as I did not have an extra. With system off removed the HDMI cable from the disk player and plugged into Comcast Box. After put together turned on system. Not sure which input we used but thinks TV input. Bought new cables. Tryied to reset the system by turning everything off. Connected the Comcast box to Input 1(TV). Connected Bluray disk player (HDMI) to DVD 3 DVD input. Removed Roku from system. Left VCR with RCA connectors. Turned on Bluray and system. Reset Comcast box. Bluray flashed a few times and would not work. Tried many ways turning components on and off. Bluray is an older player. My neighbor added Comcast and his newer Bluray would not work. After a few weeks ended up reconnecting Roku and removing Bluray. Roku works on input 4 and comcast is using both TV and DVD. One input works well with Comcast and the other not so well.

Sounds like your Bluray died to me. Try plugging the Bluray into a friends TV. and or buy a new Bluray . thunderstorm killed your blueray

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Maybe, but why would comcast be on 2 channels?

This is a very relevant piece of information. You had some sort of [serious] electrical surge. You’re lucky any of your electronics is still working. If those kinds of events are common in your area, you would be well advised to purchase some protection. A UPS (uninterruptible power supply) is probably the cheapest form of protection you could get for corrupt power, but you would also need something to help protect the co-ax cable line. Here’s a good looking model from a brand I trust that can protect the co-ax too: https://www.amazon.com/CyberPower-CP1500AVRLCD-Intelligent-Outlets-Mini-Tower/dp/B000FBK3QK


“Two HDMI inputs” is what I think you’re asking? And I have no idea. My best guess is you had problems, they talked you through a bunch of possible solutions, and once they got something to work they said “don’t touch it.” There is no reason for it to be on two inputs, one of them is unused… but if you made changes to settings you didn’t understand, who knows what strange setup they’ve gotten you into. If you’re not good at electronics, maybe you could have a friend or loved one who is good with them come over (properly masked and socially distanced) and figure it out for you.


If it was a power surge that killed off the Comcast box, it is also possible that it sent a spike to the TV, and whilst the TV itself has survived, the HDMI port on TV is defective.

If the Comcast box and BluRay work on one HDMI port but not the other, I would think that the HDMI port on the TV is also damaged. An external HDMI switcher would be the cheaper option, over buying a new TV.

If the BluRay won’t work properly on any port (i.e. image, but no sound or flickering on all HDMI inputs on the TV, then it could be that the surge also damaged the BluRay player.

We used the Bluray player after the storm. The disk player stopped working only after we installed the new cable box.

And have you plugged it back into the same HDMI port using the same cable that worked before?

Have you tried a different HDMI port (E.g. swapping Comcast and BluRay), to make sure that the HDMI ports on the TV are working?