Does TWiT have any plans to start a Discord server?

Not sure if this has been asked, but I was wondering if TWiT had any plans or interest in starting a Discord server. I know TWiT has several options for socializing with TWiT fans, like where I am asking this question,, and the IRC server. Still, I am quite fond of Discord and their approach to chat and would love to join a TWiT Discord server. Just curious if that is in the works.

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There are no published plans, as yet, but @Leo has appeared to have shown interest recently, since they’ve been in the news (about the potential Microsoft acquisition), so maybe stand by.

It does beg some questions, such as what would be come of the existing IRC channel(s) that have a fair number of regulars involved.

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There are a couple projects floating around that integrate IRC with Discord text channels. I’d like to see a channel in a hypothetical TWiT Discord instance dedicated to legacy IRC to keep it going.

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The time has definitely come.