DNS O Matic: Can we trust?

Do we think DNS O Matic is trustworthy? I know that it is an OpenDNS thing but, after all, it is free

Trustworthy in terms of reliability? I’m sure its as good as any other dynamic DNS service out there. OpenDNS has been around for a while, they have an established ops team.

Trustworthy as in won’t use your information for dubious purposes? Who knows. But considering the surface area your exposing to them I wouldn’t worry too much. All you’re really giving them is your IP address, which every website you navigate to gets anyway.

Trustworthy in terms of security? Their documentation outlines a pretty standard RESTful API authentication system. There are more secure ways to communicate between systems today. If you’re just using this for personal stuff it’s probably fine but I probably wouldn’t use it professionally. Maybe we can get a segment on Security Now highlighting Dynamic DNS services.