IOS DNS filtering (clean and easy) or Cisco Umbrella

We use Cisco umbrella on laptops and it works great. I am now thinking about DNS layer filtering for iPhone and iPads. Cisco has an app, but it seems like it will be a bit of tinkering. Is anyone aware of a clean and easy DNS filtering solution for iOS that is more “apple like.” since sales people and executives will be using this, it will need to get an “A” in terms of usability. I would be grateful for anyone to point me in the right direction.

Can you specify your own DNS service, and use NextDNS?

All options are on the table at this point.

Well I guess I more meant, is it possible to do that on your list of devices in the intended use case, and would that be sufficient to meet your needs if you can?

It looks promising…thank you. I forgot about NextDNS. We are going to tinker around this week

Any other ideas we should consider?

I’ve used Microsoft’s InTune domain blocking feature in the past. Not DNS-based, but if you’re a M365 house then might be worth looking at.

@knewman THANK you! That is a very good suggestion. I will investigate. Do you know if it has an easy button for “block suspicious domains” or if I have to create a block-list by hand?

Sorry man, I read right past your iOS requirement. Intune links to Microsoft’s Defender product to handle domain filtering, so Windows only for now. Cisco Umbrella jumped out at me cause I was trialing the Microsoft product to replace that service.

Someday I’ll learn to read properly :grin: