Did you find any BF deals?

I was looking through the deals available here, in Germany. Not many real deals. But then I checked my carrier.

I am currently on the L tariff, which is 15GB data and flat rate voice and SMS for 25€.

I just switched to the Black Friday deal, the M tariff with 25GB plus voice and SMS flat for 20€. I also get 3 months Disney+. I can also cancel it with 1 months notice.

Have you found or used/bought any real deals?

Edit: I forgot to mention, my carrier is congstar, running over t-mobile.

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I’ve been busy. Moved the broadband onto another ISP at half the cost. Impressed with the switch. Happened at 1 minute past midnight, plugged the new hub in, up and running in 5 mins.

Wife’s mobile is now on an unlimited data SIM, again half the price of her old 4GB one.

Plus Pixel Buds, new bread maker, some new winter gear for the bike.

But all my savings (and more) have been spent on an iPhone 13. Wife decided she hates Android 12 and wanted her Pixel replacing :roll_eyes::slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, I’ve just swapped us over to iPhones from Android. Hopefully they will last a while…


Similar here, but I’m staying Android for now. Having one iPhone in the house should improve our contact with US relatives - they really don’t like using WhatsApp!

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I got a great deal. Bought nothing :slight_smile:


Canadian Thanksgiving comes a month earlier than US Thanksgiving, on a Monday, so we don’t have a “special” Friday close to Christmas. It’s really only been a little over a decade since Canada also bought into the Black Friday BS. In all those years, I’ve never once saw nor heard of a deal I wanted or regretted missing out on. Prior to Black Friday becoming popular here, we used to have a big shopping day on Boxing Day (which is the day after Christmas.) It used to be said people got gift cards or money for Christmas and were out spending it on themselves having already given gifts to others. (Having worked a retail service desk back then, I can suggest there was probably also a good amount of returns/exchanges going on too.) No matter when the “sales” occur, if they’re particularly good they’re will be very limited stock and it’s mostly “bait and switch” just to get bodies in the door. In my experience it’s probably better to not save a little money to not have to risk your life in an in store crush.

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The same here, it is only since Amazon introduced it about a decade ago that we’ve even known what Black Friday was.

I did miss out on a MacBook Pro 13, 16GB, 512GB for 1,200€ on Amazon, I was planning on getting a Mac for Christmas, but only after I get my Christmas bonus.

No real “deals” of use for me. Family member wanted a tv. I got them one. Inexpensive, but I think the regular price is inexpensive. I believe I only paid 20% less. I remember Black Friday prices being more discounted at one time for certain things like TV’s. No worries, family member will be happy and I’m grateful to be able to make purchases to begin with.


Only deal I jumped on was get a free cigar when you order from the on-line cigar shop i frequent. https://privadacigarclub.com/

Found a Microsoft 365 deal on Amazon yesterday.

MS365 Family for 75€. Not so much of a deal, it is normally around that price on Amazon Germany.

But… MS365 + McAfee or Norton 360 is only 49€! It just goes to show what tech experts have long said, McAfee and Norton reduce the value of everything they touch! :smiley:

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I tried but was not successful. Did not have too much to do with the offers - some of them were pretty good (e.g., Samsung offered the S21 Ultra for 799 Euro instead of the regular 1249 Euro). But then, the very best, but slightly disappointing conclusion turned out to be that I really did not need anything.

It’s interesting to see how “little tech has advanced in the past, say, three to five years”. I put this in quotes since, of course, so much has come out. But it still rings true since, from a consumer point of view, there was nothing groundbreaking that would stand between my old Galaxy S8 plus, my current S10e, and a hypothetical S21 ultra that I could not really do without. Same for PCs and mobile devices. Same for home cinema tech. Same for audio. Same for cars, really - EV is not “there” yet, at least in terms of infrastructure.

In a way, that’s a very (boring but also) hopeful state of affairs: if there are less red hot super innovations, maybe we can slowly move on to consume less and be ever so slightly more careful with resources. Granted, that seems like the most boring and uninspired thing to write - but the small, rational part of my brain keeps nodding along.

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Here in Sweden traditionally the biggest discounts have been during the holiday sale between Christmas and new years, where Christmas Day has been the first day of the sale.
BF is still quite new, it’s been a thing for less than 10 years. But it has developed fast and is now more a whole week(Black Week) rather than just the friday, with a lot of vendors starting their sales the weekend before BF and ending with Cyber Monday.

I was hoping for a good deal on a Nintendo Switch, but only saw about 10% discounts, so holding out for the holiday sale.
Bought a Philips Hue White and color Starter kit with a 50% discount, down from an equivalent of €199 to €99. More of a nice-to-have than a need-to-have purchase.

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Yes, the only thing would be the lack of security updates on the S8 (is it still getting them at the moment, it looks like they stopped in May this year?).

Yes, it used to be the same in the UK. After Christmas, we’d all trundle off to the department stores to see what bargains were to be had.

I never was a fan of going to the actual stores on these big sales, too much panic and stress. I really appreciate the possibility nowadays to get the same deals online from the comfort of my home.


Yes, my parents did it a couple of times and we were dragged along. But usually we just watched the crowds in news reports and went 2 - 3 days later to look for any remaining bargains - usually furniture etc.

I don’t think we ever bought electronics or toys in the sales.

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I only found 1 Black Friday deal and bought it - 12 month subscription to Peacock+ for $25!!!


That’s a good deal. Nice.

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