Dark mode for GMail on Adroid 10

Anyone else? That is, if you even use dark mode - I know it is a highly controversial topic!!


For some reason I don’t like dark mode for reading email and prefer a light background. The same for eBooks. Its not even due to inability to read light on dark text as I’m using a dark theme in Visual Studio all day at work. So, no for dark mode Gmail.

jeff jarvis, is that you ? :-p

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I’ve had it for about a week. In general I like dark mode for most apps because I find it causes me less eye fatigue. However, I wish when they call it dark mode it would be FULL dark mode and not just really dark grey mode…

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I agree with you on dark vs. dark grey. I wish it was actually dark. But at this point I will take dark grey. Gmail is the only app I have left that is still light.

Dark mode finally arrived in my Gmail a few days ago. It’s been way too long coming.

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I have most of my apps in dark mode. That said, when I got the update to Gmail that auto switched it to dark mode, I tried it for about 15 minutes, then switched it back. For some reason it just doesn’t work for me. I love DM on Youtube and Drive. I don’t see it on Docs, but have a feeling I’ll keep it like Gmail.

I finally got it yesterday. One of the reasons I use a Pixel is to get this kind of stuff early people!!! Finally glad I have it.

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It took a while for Gmail dark mode to show up for me…twice. I had to replace my Pixel 3 under warranty shortly after I got Gmail dark mode, and it took a few days with the new phone before it showed up again.

Makes you wonder what kind of algorithm they use to decide who gets it when.