CrystalFetch ISO Downloader

For those needing Windows for virtualisation processes on a Mac, CrystalFetch ISO Downloader available on the Mac App store or GitHub is great for obtaining installable ISOs. I set up Windows 11 in UTM before this was available and it would have saved me a load of time.

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Nice find.

I use Parallels at home and work, and it creates a new VM with Windows 11 for ARM automatically, complete with a local user, not the forced MSA that a normal installation forces on users.

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The original way to get Windows running under UTM was to install a trial version of Parallels to get the Windows ISO, so I’m glad that this alternative method exists!

I don’t use Windows enough at home to warrant the cost of Parallels. I also have Windows virtualised on my TrueNAS server. If I want proper hardware, I can always use my work laptop.

Also, I’ve noticed that the beta for VirtualBox on Apple Silicon is not downloadable anymore.

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I use UTM as well, just with the official Windows 11 ARM image from Microsoft. You need to be a Windows Insider to get the download, but this seems to be the most official method to get Windows in a VM.

Judging from the CrystalFetch GitHub page, it seems like you need to check “I agree I have a valid license to use this product”. I assume most people using this software don’t have a Windows license.

Yeah, you need a licence, which I do.