Windows 11 boot camp?

i got an guy asking me an unknown to awser question. We what’s to install Windows 11 under bootcamp on an M1 mac. I told him i don’t know and don’t think it’s supported by Apple and Microsoft yet.

There’s no Bootcamp at all on Apple Silicon.

You can install Windows 11 on the new M1 Macs using a virtual machine like Parallels, but it has to be the Windows on ARM version.

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Thank you fell free do metion that on shows like Windows Weekly, Mac Weekly and The Tech Guy so to help out even more.

Refound by google. I don’t know how; but I’m sure thier’s a way to dual boot the MAC and Windows 11 on the M2 macs. Of course I wound love to know how to tell if the Windows 11 at my local Best Buy is the arm version.

This is easy, the answer is it is not. I don’t believe there is any way to buy the ARM version of Windows as a standalone product.

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There is currently no way to buy WoA, other than on a new ARM based Windows PC.

You can install it in a virtual machine on the Mac and Parallels actually sets it all up for you, and creates a standard user Parallels. From there, you can configure it how you want.

You will need to provide a license key to activate it, or you can join the Insider programme and it will not need activating.