Cool CES preview

It is interesting to see some of the things that are listed on this CES preview article. Nothing really earth shattering, but some of the things look like something the Giz Wiz would talk about on a segment :slight_smile:

I don’t see anything I’d wanna buy. But some cool ideas, nonetheless…

Is there some specific items that one of you guys are looking forward to at CES?

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I think CES is a huge waste of time since probably the year 2000… there are better ways to promote a product I think. The only thing that happens at CES is the people who pay the most money for the best placement get the most press the first 24 hrs and the rest are probably wasting their time. There are probably better ways to spend that money on marketing, IMHO.

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Robotic cats and dogs - finally!

Some neat stuff, but nothing that I’d ‘add to cart’.


What could possibly go wrong?
Create premium quality synthetic characters based on real-life people

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