Smart Solution to TV sleep timer

Looking for a simple smart home solution to use echo or google assistant to turn off my TV after some time has passed.

Example: “Assistant turn of TV in 30 minutes”.

Is there a way to do this so I don’t have to fumble around for my TV remote to navigate to the sleep timer settings anymore?

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Great idea!! I have Roku TVs (TCL) and went to the Echo app to set it up only to remember that I had tried this before - killed a massive amount of time with zero success.

So I think I’ll just hang here for someone to pop in with the ‘I did it and this is how’…

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Alexa and Google Assistant (to my knowledge) do not have delays built-in. Apple’s Shortcuts do, but you would need to expose your TV to HomeKit in order to accomplish that and then of course have an Apple device to act as a Hub as well (not likely as you highlighted Alexa/Assistant). So scratch that idea.

My general answer for home automation tends to be Home Assistant. I’m quiet partial to it :slight_smile:.

Assuming your TV integrates with Home Assistant (you could also integrate an IR blaster like Harmony or Broadlink) you could then setup a script in HA that could be triggered by Alexa or Assistant that has a delay in it before sending the call to turn off your TV.

@susandennis Roku is integrated as is what I use in my home.

Siri shortcuts can now send commands to Apple TV such as wake, sleep, and open an app. A shortcut could do this for you with a wait command then a sleep command. Also, many video apps will stop playing after a while. Like when Netflix infamously asks “Are you still watching?” I believe most streaming boxes will sleep without activity. That’s how my bedroom TV turns off… It’s more than 30 minutes though.

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