Geek Squad Misadventures

BEWARE of Geek Squad’s so-called “EXPERTS”
I thought these were experts and good guys, I was wrong. Every time one of them came to my home office to fix a problem with my technology, not only was the repair not done, but they created other problems. Now I can’t access my scheduling calendar and other unrelated programs, and the 'fixes" are causing data loss and manipulation of financial records. These people cannot be trusted. Lots of details that I’ll be posting about as I try to sort things out.
What problems has the GEEK SQUAD caused you?

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble!

While I’ve had no experience with Geek Squad as a customer, I can say that some of the better technicians I’ve hired/worked with got their feet wet with Geek Squad. It’s very much an entry-level stop for folks interested in technology careers so I can imagine you’ll get entry-level service.

I’ll be curious to hear your specifics. I’ll also gently put that you’ll get the best results from services like these when you maintain a modicum of agency over your own workflows, data, and equipment :). Expecting a third party to treat your world with the same dedication and interest as you would yourself is a crapshoot.

You should not be letting someone make any changes to your systems that have not been explained to you. You should probably even be keeping a log of your service calls, who came, and what they wanted [you] to do. If these are good people they will explain what’s going on, and probably even have you make the changes with their guidance so you learn from the experience. A geek that can’t explain what’s going on and how the proposed “fix” is going yo work, is just adding new problems to old ones.


Thank you for your response.
Sadly, I have an analog brain in the digital world. I used to be able to stay up with the technology. but now I’m just an 80 year old software user. And that puts me at risk. I trusted Best Buy and Geek Squad to do the right thing for me, but I was wrong to do so. I’m now looking for a local independent computer tech to help me. I hope I can find an honest expert - which many are.
Thanks again for your response.

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