Dish Network Hacked

I’ve heard nothing on TWIT regarding the major hack to Dish Networks. It’s been a few weeks. Seems to be a really bad one with Dish unable to restore itself. I was a customer and it forced me to leave Dish for YouTube TV.

Also have heard very little about this. A multi-week outage sounds really bad. Backups compromised? Or maybe they’re relying on tape still?

Dish has been keeping this out of the press. Sounds bad to me.

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Well what else would a corporation do? They’re not going to publicize their failings, and if it’s not actively hurting people (like happens when, say, a hospital is attacked) then the press might not care to publicize it much either. The presumed issue is that “no one important” enough is affected enough (i.e. most people still have TV service from Dish) to merit much interest from the press. In other words, the Dish customers are not squeaky enough wheels…?

If customer data was lost it does indeed hurt people.

Corporation hiding intrusions is not a good thing.

I’m not being an apologist for them, it’s just that who hasn’t had a leak, and what do you expect them to WILLING say (that is negative.) There are reasons why the laws exist to have companies self-report these kinds of events.

I saw they filed the necessary legal paperwork to indicate the breach, so one presumes that it’s now up to the government to enforce the necessary next steps. If customer data was lost, one presumes they are legally required to inform said customers (or all customers if they’re unable to discern which ones were potentially harmed.)