Clash of Clans - The Original Clan TWiT

Remember that game @Leo used to play about 7 years ago? No, not Simpsons Tapped Out, but Clash of Clans. Leo originally set up a clan called Clan TWiT for TWiT fans to join. Well it’s still going, all these years later and I’ve found myself to be its leader (for my sins).

So if you happen to play Clash of Clans and want to join the original TWiT clan the tag is #28Y8YLLJ. Just state your favorite TWiT show to get in.

The clan is maxed out in terms of Clan Perks. We participate in the monthly War Leagues, but don’t war much otherwise. It is now a pretty casual clan, with plenty of room for new members.

I hope to see some of you in the clan soon.


Oh how cool! Nice to know it lives on!


I will definitely join. I stepped away from Clash for a bit but found myself back playing.


That’s great. Welcome to the clan.