Chromecast Stadia-like Remote

I’ve been thinking about this since the Stadia announcement and this seamed like the perfect place to post this thought. Wouldn’t it be cool if Google made a TV remote that worked in the same way as the Stadia controller?

If there was a remote that could play/pause almost instantly and maybe even stream the UI interfere directly to the Chromecast. By streaming the search results easily on the Chromecast without needing the same processing as something like the Shield. Plus with the new “move casting content” to a different Chromecast it would make it incredibly easy to just move my remote with me.

I don’t understand the point of such a device. The Chromecast is a remote output device for something else. Why would I want a third device to merge into this conversation?

Also pointing out that the Stadia remote doesn’t connect directly to the Chromecast as I understand it. It supposedly has no bluetooth… and uses IP networking to connect directly to the cloud.

Yes the Stadia remote connects directly to Wi-Fi and from their directly to the Google servers so you don’t have any latency, which of course is less important in a simple UI interface but still could be beneficial. A remote like this could theoretically circumvent any need for Google to create any kind of powerful Android TV device. Since all the processing happens in the cloud then they create a $50 or $60 remote and all you would need is a Chromecast on the TV you want to control. You don’t even necessarily need a remote for every TV you can Chromecast from your phone but then have the flexibility of being able to use a remote when you want it.

Okay, I think I’m following you now. What I think I am understanding you to really be saying is you want them to make a cloud based boxless Android box. One they could offer services on, like Stadia, but also maybe Google TV or their Play subscription, etc. Interesting idea.

Exactly, as I often do with technology I just want it all :grin: