Google prepping an Android TV based ChromeCast with remote

I love the design of the 2019 Nvidia Shield, so it would be interesting if Google itself produces a “proper” Android TV device for the masses. It might be good for their Stadia efforts too.

The idea of a remote is interesting… I really hope they planned for some user defined action buttons on it. I could have one programmed to connect to TWiT Live then :wink:


I like this. Something a bit cheaper than the Shield would be nice. We cannot get the new Shields in Australia unless you import.

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I love the idea of a dedicated remote. I stoped using a chrome cast because, when watching TV and I would get a phone call my “remote” would turn into a phone and I couldn’t easily pause the TV.

A dedicated hardware remote solves this problem, though at this point I am happy with my AppleTV and am unlikely to go back to a Chromecast

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Well I used to just pause using TV remote as a Chromecast supports HDMI-CEC. However, I do find a remote to navigate the device.

I remember when that was added. It only worked on some Chromecast apps, and even when it worked it was inconsistent. Though that could have been my TV’s implementation of CEC or issues with the chromecast that have been fixed since.

It’s going to have to be good to beat a shield, but if it’s cheap and almost as good as a shield then they could be onto a winner.

I definitely agree that it’s a pain to pause music or video when your phone rings, sometimes you need that hardware remote.